Le Petit Nicolas

On Thursday evening we had our first French film night at Allerton.

43 children joined us in the main hall to enjoy this funny film about Nicolas and his friends. We thought the fight in the flower shop was very funny along with Nicolas being pushed along in the car where he’d locked himself in.

Hopefully we will be able to enjoy a similar Spanish event in the next academic year!

Active learning in Year 3 Spanish

We’ve been learning outside in Year 3 Spanish as we learn some basic regular verbs. We’ve been learning about things we can do and responding to questions about whether we can or can’t do them.

We practised our translation skills with partner hunt for common phrases we have learnt this year and played 6 corners to practise our pronunciation.

Refugee Week – We Cannot Walk Alone

We have been celebrating refugee week this week across school. In year 6 we have been exploring media portrayal of refugees and asylum seekers as well as using Eoin Colfer’s graphic novel ‘Illegal’ in order to support us to walk in the shoes of a refugee on their journey to safety.

Eoin Colfer’s fantastic graphic novel

What could the people in these images have been saying?

On Friday afternoon we were visited by a speaker from Amnesty International who spoke to us about human rights and the creation of the human rights work as well as how this applies to refugees.

Titeuf avec l’Institut Francais

This afternoon Year 6 attended a Cine Lumiere screening of 4 episodes of the famous Swiss comic series Titeuf followed by a bi-lingual workshop learning how to create comics in the style of Titeuf.

We found the episodes really funny and loved having a go at creating our own characters in this style!

Gong hei fatt choy! Happy Chinese New Year!

2021 is the Year of the Ox and to celebrate at Allerton C of E, children took part in a range of activities, both in school and at home.

In Nursery and Reception, they had a great time tasting Chinese food, listening to stories read in Chinese by Mrs Fan, playing with Chinese toys, dressing up and making lanterns!

In Key Stage 1, they had fun eating rice with chopsticks and making lanterns and dragons!

In Key Stage 2, they had fun making lanterns, dragon masks, 3D Ox’s and much more!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the celebration!  

Wow, wow, wow – what fantastic home learning!

5W are currently at home, working hard at their remote learning.

Look at their fantastic French work that they have been producing while out of school! At ACE we love learning other languages and about other cultures – it opens our minds to ‘the places to go and the people to meet’ to quote Dr Seuss!

Here’s a few examples of their super work! Well done Aleena, Leesha, Jemima, Roxy and Bobby!